That is actually very good. 
Is anybody putting together a Tricks with LyX guide? Because this should
be in there...


On Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:21:07 -0400, "Paul A. Rubin" <> wrote:
> On 7/6/2010 5:38 AM, pierrickuk wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I am posting this as 2 hours of searching got me nowhere so far.
>> I am writing some instructions manual to set up some software my
>> is
>> distributing.
>> For this I need to put some linux console commands for which I use the
>> LyX-code format. Everything is fine unless the line is too long and
>> get
>> wrapped. As some of our customer might not know much about linux, I am
>> afraid they might hit return at the end of the line.
>> So I am looking for a way to automatically indicate that the line is
>> wrapped
>> to fit on a page (preferably by some special symbol not used in a
>> terminal/console).
>> Maybe there is some LaTeX package that would work, or some trick I am
>> aware of... Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction here.
> Step 1:  Pick the glyph you want to use to indicate line wrapping.  "The

> Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List" may help here.  If necessary, install 
> whatever font package it comes in, and add a \usepackage{...} to your 
> preamble.  Avoid symbols that occur only in math mode (which, sadly, 
> accounts for most arrows); if there's a way to make them work, I haven't

> found it yet.
> Step 2: Rather than using LyX-code, use Insert > Program Listing, which 
> creates an inset using the listings package.  Right-click the inset, 
> click Settings ..., and on the Main Settings tab check "Break long 
> lines".  You can leave the language setting at "No language" unless you 
> think what you're writing matches one of the languages on the list 
> fairly well.
> Step 3: Go to the advanced tab and, in the right pane, type 
> 'prebreak=whatever', without the quotes and replacing whatever with the 
> symbol you want.  For instance,
> prebreak=\textbackslash
> will put '\' wherever wrapping occurs.
> That should do it.
> /Paul

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