On 07/10/2010 07:20 AM, pierrickuk wrote:
Hi there,

I am posting this as 2 hours of searching got me nowhere so far.
I am writing some instructions manual to set up some software my company is
For this I need to put some linux console commands for which I use the
LyX-code format. Everything is fine unless the line is too long and then get
wrapped. As some of our customer might not know much about linux, I am
afraid they might hit return at the end of the line.
So I am looking for a way to automatically indicate that the line is wrapped
to fit on a page (preferably by some special symbol not used in a

There's no easy way to indicate wrapped lines automatically, so far as I know. You could do it manually, using ⏎, which you can insert using "unicode-insert 0x23ce" in the minibuffer.


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