Hello Forum,

I have made similar post couple of months ago. The new class that i am
trying to incorporate into LyX layout is accompanied by a description of the
class file.

I did some configuration so  that get the liuthesis.layout in
Document->settings->Document class option combox box. I believe that it is
not enough to get started with the writing yet.

And i am kind of confused how to make the related configuration in the
layout file. Lets take an example:

1. In the accompanied manual, it specifies number of options that i can set.
One of the options is "Output format". The possible values for this option

   -      print.
   - ePress.
   - pdfRelease.
   - draft.

How to specifiy this option in the layout file. I have checked the
customization chapter for LyX. Should it go under the section "ClassOptions"
section or "AddToPreamble" ?

There are several other Macros in the accompanied pdf file that must be
configured in  the layout file.

During the previous post, one Julien showed me some hint ; like inputting
the department name of the thesis that i am writing for and it was specified
in the class options from LyX Documents Settings menu. He suggested this
based on his extensive experience with LyX.

Now if i have to specify the department name in the liuthesis.layout file it
should have went into "ClassOptions" section and  inside "Other" subsection.
Shouldn't it?

I need some suggestion make this mapping between the manual that i have now
and .layout file that i have to edit. Some of the macros defined in the
manual has no corresponding options defined in the LyX manual. What to do


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