On 07/20/2010 01:26 AM, Sajjad wrote:

    I need some suggestion make this mapping between the manual that
    i have now and .layout file that i have to edit. Some of the
    macros defined in the manual has no corresponding options defined
    in the LyX manual. What to do then?

    That depends upon the command. Ones like \subject are going to be
    treated as paragraphs. So:
        Style Subject
            LatexType command
            LatexName subject
            # this tells LyX that it goes into Front Matter
            InTitle 1
    Very basic, with no special formatting, but it will work. The only
    one of the Front Matter commands you can't do this way is
    \thesisDate, because LyX doesn't yet do multi-argument commands.
    There will be support for that in 2.0, however. So, for now, you'd
    have to enter that as ERT.

Any hint on how to do you find /subject to be treated as a Style? In the manual it specifies that it takes only one argument.

Isn't that just above? One argument is easy.


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