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Hello Forum,

I have made similar post couple of months ago. The new class that i am trying to incorporate into LyX layout is accompanied by a description of the class file.

I did some configuration so that get the liuthesis.layout in Document->settings->Document class option combox box. I believe that it is not enough to get started with the writing yet.

And i am kind of confused how to make the related configuration in the layout file. Lets take an example:

1. In the accompanied manual, it specifies number of options that i can set. One of the options is "Output format". The possible values for this option are:

    * print.
    * ePress.
    * pdfRelease.
    * draft.

How to specifiy this option in the layout file. I have checked the customization chapter for LyX. Should it go under the section "ClassOptions" section or "AddToPreamble" ?

If you want one of these options set by default, but for the user to be able to override it, then add it ClassOptions, e.g.:
    Class Options
        Other ePress
These will turn up on the Document Class pane of Document>Settings.

There are several other Macros in the accompanied pdf file that must be configured in the layout file.

During the previous post, one Julien showed me some hint ; like inputting the department name of the thesis that i am writing for and it was specified in the class options from LyX Documents Settings menu. He suggested this based on his extensive experience with LyX.

Now if i have to specify the department name in the liuthesis.layout file it should have went into "ClassOptions" section and inside "Other" subsection. Shouldn't it?

Yes, just as with ePress, since this is a class option.

I need some suggestion make this mapping between the manual that i have now and .layout file that i have to edit. Some of the macros defined in the manual has no corresponding options defined in the LyX manual. What to do then?

That depends upon the command. Ones like \subject are going to be treated as paragraphs. So:
    Style Subject
        LatexType command
        LatexName subject
        # this tells LyX that it goes into Front Matter
        InTitle 1
Very basic, with no special formatting, but it will work. The only one of the Front Matter commands you can't do this way is \thesisDate, because LyX doesn't yet do multi-argument commands. There will be support for that in 2.0, however. So, for now, you'd have to enter that as ERT.

Then I'd do:
    TitleLatexName makeFrontPage
so LyX will issue \makeFrontPage to create the title page, etc.

The theorem, etc, environments can probably be copied over from LyX's own theorems.inc.


        InTitle 1

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