Dear Lyx users,
I'm stressed by time (lack of it) because I need to write my thesis. However, 
due to the fact that Lyx produces nice quality documents I really want to do 
this. I'm new to Lyx and I therefore don't want to fiddle with too low level 
My thesis will be simple, a front page with the logo's  of my university and my 
employer, TOC, Chapters with mixed text, graphics from excel or openoffice and 
ocassionally some mathematical functions and a bibliography.
Which Document class do you recommend?
A) report or B) Book?
What other types of tips can you give me regarding these choices which will 
save me time?
For instances I have found, and like André 
Miede's Classic Thesis ported to LyX and downloaded it from  However, all 
the steps I need to do to get this working, makes me it all 
worthwile the hassle?


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