On Wednesday 11 August 2010 11:23:56 Dino Vliet wrote:
> Dear Lyx users,
> I'm stressed by time (lack of it) because I need to write my thesis.
>  However, due to the fact that Lyx produces nice quality documents I really
>  want to do this. I'm new to Lyx and I therefore don't want to fiddle with
>  too low level details. 
> My thesis will be simple, a front page with the logo's  of my university
>  and my employer, TOC, Chapters with mixed text, graphics from excel or
>  openoffice and ocassionally some mathematical functions and a
>  bibliography. 


> What other types of tips can you give me regarding these choices which will
>  save me time? 

This is a minority opinion and a lot don't subscribe to it, but in my opinion 
you save time by fingerpainting your front matter. In other words, use 
embedded LaTeX, historically called ERT in the LyX community, to insert your 
logo and employer and line them up exactly how you want them and page break 
where you want and make fonts exactly how you want them to look.

The opposite is true with the main matter, where my advice would be to never 
use ERT.

If you find you need to create your own Paragraph styles (called 
"Environments" in LyX Land) or character styles, the quickest way to do that 
is to use LyX's CopyStyle keyword in your style definition, and later, when 
you're not pounding out content, you can make that style look how you want, or 
perhaps have a more LaTeX aware person help you with it.

I make my new styles in layout files, and I've documented a lot of it here:


Since you're under a time crunch, try to get by with LyX's default styles, but 
if you need to modify a LyX default style or make a brand new one, it's very 


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