Dino Vliet wrote:
> Which Document class do you recommend?
> A) report or B) Book?

If you want your chapters to start a new page, use book. Else, use report. I'd 
recommend KOMA book/report, since it comes with sensible default, but is 
nevertheless very flexible, if you need it.

> What other types of tips can you give me regarding these choices which will
> save me time? 

Just go with the details and concentrate on the content.

> For instances I have found, http://wiki.lyx.org/Examples/Thesis and like
> André Miede's Classic Thesis ported to LyX and downloaded it from
> http://www.soundsorange.net/resources/classic-thesis-for-lyx/.  However,
> all the steps I need to do to get this working, makes me think....is it
> all worthwile the hassle?

Classic Thesis produces a very elegant layout, but it's a bit too stylish for 
a thesis, IMHO.


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