Justin Wood wrote:
> I've been using this module and it's almost exactly what I need. I changed
> the layout to NumberWithin = chapter to give me Box 1.1, 1.2, etc. But I
> need to change a few other things... so here's a shopping list:
> 1. align the caption left, 

\newcommand\flo...@simplerule[2]{\raggedright{\@f...@cfont #1 #2}\par}

> and set font parameters.

Alter the 
part of the definition

> Can I do that with
> {caption} package somehow; if not, where in the LaTeX preamble is that
> controlled? (Attempts to change, eg, kern8pt haven't worked.)

Caption package does not work, I think.

> 2. separate paragraphs with blank line the same as LyX does for normal
> text; add blank line after Box caption too.
> ** 3. make use of cross references to the Box Float label. At the moment
> this doesn't work with <reference> (/ref) or Formatted reference
> (/prettyref) modes — both simply produce 'subsection ??'. Most importantly
> I just want the reference to be 'Box 1.1', same as for figure floats; the
> numbering is crucial.



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