Nothing I try will make the content of this custom boxfloat *honour
paragraph spacing*. For example, this hack (based on your original
code) doesn't
work, but if I use ERT to create a *framedpar* explicitly, it works fine.
The only difference my novice eyes can see is the fact that boxfloat is of
course a *float*, wrapped in the {float} package which is used to define the
custom boxfloat type with a LyX module.

  \setlength{\parskip}{20pt}% big number to test
%  \setlength{\parsep}{10pt}
}% end framedpar

% Jurgen's Box Float mods
\...@ifundefined{fs@boxed}{}% do nothing if not in use
  \newcommand\flo...@simplerule[2]{\flushleft{\@f...@cfont #1 #2}}

I'm now thinking there's something in the {float} module that prevents it?
Is this something you've come across before?

Thanks so much for your help (and patience!).

~:Justin Wood:~
PhD candidate, *Energy & Engineering school*, Murdoch
On 16 September 2010 16:19, Justin Wood <justin.w...@murdoch.edu.au> wrote:

> 2. separate paragraphs with blank line the same as LyX does for normal
> text; add blank line after Box caption too.

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