> Perhaps some of you author in LyX but have editors go over your material.
> My
> experience is most editors don't have LyX and don't have the technical
> chops
> to use LyX. So how do you interface with your editors when writing a book
> in
> LyX?
> Why not just PDFs, I can't imagine a book editor not having mark up tools
for PDFs.

If you own Acrobat Professional you can activate the mark up tools enabling
them to work in the free Acrobat viewer, but there are lots of other
programs that will allow marking up PDFs.

Although our books were written in Word, the publisher sent the proofs back
to us to check (after they had edited them and messed up several bits) as
PDFs, and we were expected to mark up the PDFs to send back to them for them
to make  the corrections.

This was because by this time they had converted the Word files into their
DTP program and the problem was now reversed ie we didn't have the DTP
program to allow us to edit their chosen file format.


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