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> Collaborating with non-Lyx users is a problem for me as well, because I
> often want to
> use comments (like PostIt notes), but when the Lyx source is exported to
> pdf, the notes do not appear.
To complete the answer that I sent to lyx-devel, greyedout notes are a
possibility but not quite the thing. However you can do this manually
using Mendeley (cross-platform, and plays nicely on Xubuntu Linux).


> If there were a way to make them appear in the pdf output that would be a
> great help.
> EK
> On 12/15/2010 5:37 AM, Gilles Mioni wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> My own experience with editors is :
> 1/ I send an abstract and a complete document written with lyx
> and exported in PDF format.
> 2/ I send, if necessary, the whole text for lecture in epub format
> From Lyx, I exported in HTLM format then I use XHTML software
> Amaya and Calibre software to prepare an e-book usable with any
> epub reader.
> Hi all,
> Perhaps some of you author in LyX but have editors go over your material. My
> experience is most editors don't have LyX and don't have the technical chops
> to use LyX. So how do you interface with your editors when writing a book in
> LyX?
> Thanks
> SteveT
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