Collaborating with non-Lyx users is a problem for me as well, because I often want to use comments (like PostIt notes), but when the Lyx source is exported to pdf, the notes do not appear. If there were a way to make them appear in the pdf output that would be a great help.


On 12/15/2010 5:37 AM, Gilles Mioni wrote:
Hi Steve,

My own experience with editors is :
1/ I send an abstract and a complete document written with lyx
and exported in PDF format.

2/ I send, if necessary, the whole text for lecture in epub format
From Lyx, I exported in HTLM format then I use XHTML software
Amaya and Calibre software to prepare an e-book usable with any
epub reader.
Hi all,

Perhaps some of you author in LyX but have editors go over your material. My experience is most editors don't have LyX and don't have the technical chops to use LyX. So how do you interface with your editors when writing a book in LyX?



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