On 17 December 2010 15:25, ehud.kap...@gmail.com <ehud.kap...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I also tried the todonotesalternate.  Here I found that the test area of the
> note is solid blue, preventing me from seeing what I am typing.  I am still
> missing something.
> EK

note was supposed to be yellow writing on a blue background.  This was
a personal preference so it would stand out from the main text.  You
can change the background colour (BgColor) and font colour to fix it
your own preference.  I have only tested it up to lyx 1.6.7, but on my
system I can easily read the text.

InsetLayout Todo[margin]
       LyxType               custom
       LabelString           ToDo[margin]
       Decoration              classic
       BgColor                 blue
               Color           yellow
               Family          Typewriter
               Color           blue
               Family          Sans
               Size            Small
       MultiPar                true
       LatexType             command
       LatexName             todo

the preference at the beginning is also set for green notes rather
than the default orange


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