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> I have tried gnome and KDE, but wanted to try Unity.  The
> developers know of the bug, and it has nothing to do with Lyx-- it
> has to do (apparently) with qt4 and it affects other programs as
> well. EK

If your purpose is evaluating Unity, I'd suggest you try Unity for five 
hours in which you don't need LyX, or else load it on a different 
machine. If you're anything like me, you'll blow it right off the hard 
drive because it's nothing but frustration. Especially horrid is the 
menu structure, in which you have a few commonly used ones, and the 
rest all thrown into one bucket you need to rummage through.

I found that almost everything I did in Unity took minutes instead of 
seconds or half-seconds. It was an attrocious time-sink. If you're 
anything like me, a simple evaluation without LyX will reveal that 
Unity isn't for you.


Steve Litt
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