Thanks for your answer.

You mentioned that you had no problems with very huge pictures. Perhaps it
has to do with the kind of compilation? I compile with pdflatex. Maybe I
should use another compilation but I'm afraid of (small) changes in
hyphenation or in the very critical positions of my pictures on the page


In the meanwhile I have reorganised my file structure so that I've got less
but larger files. -- No change.

Than I grouped pictures (in these larger files) and set the latex option
"draft mode" of all pictures in one of these large files. -- This helped!!

I can now produce all my material in two runs where I set alternatively
pictures of two different large files to draft mode and combine the two pdf
files of these two different runs of compilations with Adobe Professional to
one book file. -- Not very comfortable but I hope it will work for the

I think this change with pictures in draft mode is another clue that I ran
in memory problems because of my problems.


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