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> Hello there,
> I guess the question I'm going to ask is somewhat naive, but I think it
> is important to ask.
> Given that you've been working on some document that includes images and
> that you're done working with it and wish to archive it somewhere else
> (i.e; another directory).
> the Problem: Obviously images will no longer show in the LyX document
> since the directories have changed!
> the "naive" Question: How can I counter that to ensure that I do not
> need to reset all image directories every time I change the file's
> location?
> Thanks in advance
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> -Merhebi, Bob
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As your question demonstrates, there are problems if you look at a .lyx
file as a standalone entity. It needs to be thought of as only part of a
document, the other part being the figures and any other linked content.

Because of this, I never move a file alone. Every document has a directory
that goes with it. When I create a document, it goes into its own folder.
In the document folder, I create a "figures" subfolder. All of my figures
are referenced with relative paths. Then, whenever I move a document, it
moves with the folder it was created in, and all the subfolders (including
the one with the figures in it) go with it. Done this way, the document
folder can be moved anywhere within the filesystem, and the document will
still compile without a problem.

Another bonus of using this method is that I can switch seamlessly between
systems. I synchronize my files with Dropbox, and switch between both
Windows and Linux computers seamlessly. The files compile on both systems
without any changes, even though the absolute paths are very different.

I have suffered from numerous problems before finally settling on this as a
solution. Hopefully this helps.


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