Hello Jacob,

> Bob,
> As your question demonstrates, there are problems if you look at a
> .lyx file as a standalone entity. It needs to be thought of as only
> part of a document, the other part being the figures and any other
> linked content.
> Because of this, I never move a file alone. Every document has a
> directory that goes with it. When I create a document, it goes into
> its own folder. In the document folder, I create a "figures"
> subfolder. All of my figures are referenced with relative paths. Then,
> whenever I move a document, it moves with the folder it was created
> in, and all the subfolders (including the one with the figures in it)
> go with it. Done this way, the document folder can be moved anywhere
> within the filesystem, and the document will still compile without a
> problem.
Indeed, that's what I do too. I have a folder -call it A- inside of
which there are 3 folders (one for figures -B-, one for my report -C- &
another for my beamer -presentation -D-). I use the figure folder for
both the report & the beamer. But if I rename A, the images links are

> Another bonus of using this method is that I can switch seamlessly
> between systems. I synchronize my files with Dropbox, and switch
> between both Windows and Linux computers seamlessly. The files compile
> on both systems without any changes, even though the absolute paths
> are very different.
That's an interesting solution. Will keep it in mind, but the only thing
I need is to be able to move my folder to archive with the image links
still in contact!

> I have suffered from numerous problems before finally settling on this
> as a solution. Hopefully this helps.
> Jacob

Sincerely Yours,
-Merhebi, Bob

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