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> Indeed, that's what I do too. I have a folder -call it A- inside of
> which there are 3 folders (one for figures -B-, one for my report -C- &
> another for my beamer -presentation -D-). I use the figure folder for
> both the report & the beamer. But if I rename A, the images links are
> broken.!

Interesting. I just did a simple test on LyX 2.0 with the exact example you
provided, and I do not experience that problem. Renaming or moving A causes
absolutely no issue for me.

The only thing I can think of is that you might be using absolute rather
than relative paths. I wouldn't initially think this is the problem,
because I know that LyX uses relative paths by default. However, it's the
only logical explanation I can come up with for the behavior you're
describing (Which I am not able to reproduce). You should not have to
explicitly provide relative paths, but why don't you try that and see if it
resolves the problem?

If you understand relative paths vs. complete paths, you can skip this
explanation and try that. Otherwise, I will try to explain using the folder
setup you gave. Your report is in -C-, which is in -A-. Your figures are in
-B-, which is also in -A-. When you insert an image and it puts in the
complete path, then it's something like
"C:\Users\YourName\A\B\someFigure.png" and that is a problem. If you rename
A to Alpha, you have the problem that when LyX looks for your image in
"C:\Users\YourName\A\B\someFigure.png" it will find nothing because
"C:\Users\YourName\A\B\someFigure.png" does not exist (because A does not
exist). It should be looking in "C:\Users\YourName\Alpha\B\someFigure.png"
That's the problem.

The solution is to use relative paths.  You can explicitly use a relative
path by specifying it in the textbox that comes up under input->graphics.
If an absolute path is listed there, that is likely the problem. So, if
you're in C, you can change the path in the figure reference to
"..\B\someFigure.png" (which is a relative path) rather than
"C:\Users\YourName\A\B\someFigure.png" (which is a complete path). This
means that LyX simply checks up one directory, then tries to move down, not
caring what drive we're on, or what the master folder is named, since it
never reaches that point in the tree.

If you're using relative paths and still have the problem, then I'm
stumped. Hope this helps.


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