Doesn't work on a computer with admin rights either. I saw that files were 
added to miktex's bin folder, but when I compile a document with multiple 
indexes, I see only my text and no indexes. I updated miktex, but that also 
didn't help.

From: Uwe Stöhr []
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 10:55 PM
To: Rick Blok - LR
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Subject: Re: testers needed for LyX\'s Windows installer

Am 04.06.2012 11:23, schrieb Rick Blok - LR:

> I can't seem to get the split indexes feature to work using Miktex portable 
> on win7 w/o admin rights.

The installer in general still requires admin privileges. The problem is in one 
hand Imagemagick and
on the other hand MiKTeX. For MiKTeX I did not yet find time to check the case 
that MiKTeX was
installed as admin, but LyX not. Then it is impossible to enable splitindex and 
some other features
because files like a Perl interpreter need to be added to MiKTeX's bin folder. 
If it was installed
as admin, LyX installed as user can't write in this directory.

So does it work if you install the test release with admin privileges?

regards Uwe

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