Am 05.06.2012 21:27, schrieb Rick Blok - LR:

Doesn't work on a computer with admin rights either. I saw that files were 
added to miktex's bin folder, but when I compile a document with multiple 
indexes, I see only my text and no indexes.

Not good. But does it work if you reconfigure LyX after updating MiKTeX's file name database? Of not, does it work if you rebuild MiKTeX's formats (the button below refreshing the database), then refresh the file name database and then reconfigure LyX?

If still not working, could you give me a list of new files you see in MiKTeX's bin folder and do you have a older named "~\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\lib" which contains the subfolders Exporter, File, Getopt, IO and warnings?

Many thanks for helping testing and best regards

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