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If still not working, could you give me a list of new files you see in
bin folder

No. I noticed that files were changed because I had the explorer window open
but it happened so fast I couldn't see which ones. The newest date modified
is of January, and newest date created of march. But I've attached a list
with all folder contents.

Thanks. It shows that the perl interpreter is no in place - this worked at 

>> but when I compile a document with multiple
>> indexes, I see only my text and no indexes.

As the Perl interpreter is there, it can be that I need to deliver more of its plugins. To find this out, can you please send me your LyX test file?

and do you have a older named "~\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\lib" which
contains the subfolders Exporter, File, Getopt, IO and warnings?

Yes, that I have. In my program files folder though, not in my home folder.

This is correct.

Note that the installer is not yet ready to be used without admin priviledges. There are still many open issues but I'm currently working on this.

thanks and regards

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