The last time I used the KOMA-Script letter2 class in LyX was with version
1; probably 8 or 9 years ago. Now I want to use it for a letter but cannot
figure out how, in version 2, I can add my letterhead (as an .eps file) at
the top of the page.

  With version 1 I could place a float above the recipient's name; with the
current version 2 the only float option is 'wrap' which is not what I want.
Placing the figure not as a float _almost_ works; I could play with it to
center it on the page.

  But, I'm also getting all sorts of spurious cruft (such as 'URL:') on the
preview page; do I comment out all this stuff in the preamble?

  Typeset letters are much more impressive than are the normal processed
words. But, since almost everyone uses e-mail now I just don't send
snail-mail letters like I used to do.

  Hints, clues, and ideas certainly welcomed!


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