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The last time I used the KOMA-Script letter2 class in LyX was with version 1; probably 8 or 9 years ago. Now I want to use it for a letter but cannot figure out how, in version 2, I can add my letterhead (as an .eps file) at
the top of the page.

I resolved this issue -- sort of -- by inserting the .pdf version of the letterhead immediately following 'Sender Address:'. But, I get two copies on the preview, one offset from the other and I've not found why or how to fix
You get two copies because you are using the backaddress in the preamble. You should uncomment the corresponding line in the preamble like this:

,backaddress=false% print the back address?

The backaddress is a german specific way of displaying the Sender Address with a tiny font in the enveloppe window on top of the "Destination address".

It seems to me that adding the letterhead by using the "Sender Address" is not the right way to do it. You should customize the "DIN.lco" options file that you are using. Have a look at my NFpro.lco here:

I still use KOMA-Script letter2 class from time to time with Lyx version 2.

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