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    On 08/08/2013 01:19 PM, curtis osterhoudt wrote:
    I *like* the way LyX handles it. I give my equations labels which
    _make_sense_ to me as a physicist---like "Poisson-Eqn"---not
    having to coddle to the structure of the paper. If I want to
    refer to the equation 20 pages later, I don't have to go back and
    find the number and adapt the label or the references, nor do I
    have to worry about renumbering if anything changes. The
    cross-reference system built into Lyx/LaTeX takes care of that.

     My only objection is the (perhaps apocryphal, but lodged in my
    brain since I've used LyX for about a decade now)
    requirement/suggestion to put dashes in place of spaces in one's

    Yes, LaTeX regards the space as separating tokens, and as things
    now are labels get entered as raw LaTeX, not as something that
    gets processed by LyX. So no spaces. That, however, would be easy
    to fix.


I have written my MSc thesis in LyX and the way references are handled helps me a lot, but I got only one suggestion: when I set my own labels LyX also asigns a number to the equation which is automatically changed but doesn´t correspond to the "real" equation number that appears in the final text, so when I finally got about 120 pages written I detect one wrong equation and I have to spend a few time to detect which equation is in the LyX document because I didn´t find the equation 2.4 instead it was equation 17. So I think this behaviour is wrong and must be fixed.

Do you remember what document class, etc, you were using? It sounds like it set "number equations by section", and the layout file did not know about that.


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