> BTW, not to tamper enthusiasms, but the "standard" output of
> LaTeX/TeX is not quite (yet) at the level that a professional
> typesetter would produce.

Obviously, an experienced competent human being will (almost) always be
able to deliver better results than *any* algorithm.

But since I am a non-typographer myself and since there is no money to
pay one nor the time for him to do his/her work, manual typesetting is
not an available option in my case (technical reports, sent out via
email and printed on office printers on A4 paper).

Personally I'm already infinitely grateful that I can now use
microtype with OTF fonts, since I don't like CM/LM *at all* and
microtype has essentially eliminated that fiddling with
overfull/underfull errors.

Besides, I tend to need italic small caps for my texts (lots of
acronyms), which no "pure" LaTeX typeface has anyway afaik. Well,
Libertine maybe? EB Garamond would have them, but that one doesn't have
a semibold yet.

> And I say this as a LyX-only writer for the past 15 years or so. 

The first public LyX version was when? Can't have been much longer
than 10 years ago.

> Things like page-balancing, micro-adjustments, etc., are still very
> hard to do in Latex. 

E.g. typesetting multiple (>2) columns to a fixed baseline-grid seems to
be impossible. Apparently this would be a "must" for magazines printed
on thin A4 paper.

> The "out of the box" "standard" output that you get before you start
> tampering with countless LaTeX commands is good, but not excellent.
> Publishers who can afford professional typesetters are better off
> asking their authors to deliver Word files, then import that into
> InDesign, and let the pros do their jobs. And typesetters do not use
> LaTex (by and large).

Probably because it's not the typesetters themselves who decide about
their own worktools...?

> On the other hand, there are now publishing houses (especially in the
> Humanities) that go to press directly from Word output...

I wouldn't read that if you paid me for it by the hour. Well, at a
rate of >>100 EUR/h maybe.

Since I've started to use LyX/LaTeX, whenever I look at a PDF or printed
copy of the crap that Word produced from my hard labour (input), I
almost cry. Such a lot of work for nothing, (almost) no one ever read
those tens of thousand of pages that I wrote over all those years, just
because it *is* unreadable.

Word should be outlawed. Heck, it *is* outlawed within the European
Community (due to non-compliance with software ergonomics regulations),
but what manager cares.

A cute combination for some applications would be something like Scribus
for the page layout and LyX to edit the content of the text, then let
LaTeX do the line- and page-breaking of the individual columns. Scribus
knows frames with content rendered by outside programs and among
others it allows to embed LaTeX PDF output in these, but I haven't tried
it yet.



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