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> On Thu, 22 Aug 2013 17:26:31 -0700
> Jerry <lancebo...@qwest.net> wrote:
>> On Aug 21, 2013, at 5:16 AM, Les Denham <lden...@hal-pc.org> wrote:
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>>> Jerry <lancebo...@qwest.net> wrote:
>>>> On Aug 18, 2013, at 6:59 PM, Les Denham <lden...@hal-pc.org> wrote:
>>>>> My general approach to  getting a LyX document into Word format is
>>>>> to us the LyXHTML export, import the exported file into
>>>>> LibreOffice, fix the inevitable problems, and save in DOCX format.
>>>> How do you import the XHTML from LyXHTML into LibreOffice? When I
>>>> try it, I see only raw text; it is not rendered. I let the file
>>>> dialog display all files and assumed that the .xhtml file
>>>> extension would tell LO what to do but obviously this did not
>>>> happen.
>>> Jerry,
>>> One of the inevitable problems. Try changing the .xhtml file
>>> extension to .html. I think you can also delve into the advanced
>>> settings of LibreOffice to tell it to treat .xhtml files as HTML.
>>> Les
>> Les, thanks for that tip, but it didn't change anything--still raw
>> text, either with a document with a few equations (and thus MathML in
>> the XHTML file) or just a simple file containing only the word
>> "Hello".
>> FWIW, when I do open the (x)html file, I get a dialog asking for
>> Character set (default = UTF-8), Default fonts (default = Times New
>> Roman), Language (default = English (US)) and Paragraph break
>> (default = LF). I accepted all the defaults. So it looks at that
>> point like something is about to happen, but then I see only raw
>> text. 
>> I also looked at Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> HTML Compatibility
>> but didn't see anything relevant.
>> Jerry
> Jerry,
> Sorry, I left out one step: before opening the file in LibreOffice,
> open in a text editor and delete the first line (the one that looks
> like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>). Save it and then
> import into LO.
> Les

Thanks, Les (and Alan). That fixes the import problem.

I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see that LibreOffice (actually, 
NeoOffice, a Macintized version of OpenOffice) does not render the math which 
comes over as MathML.

Firefox and recent versions of Safari (apparently at the WebKit level) do a 
passable job of rendering the math in a browser. "Passable" means easily 
readable and mathematically correct but not up to TeX standards.

The new (4.0 IIRC) version of LibreOffice had problems on the Mac so I deleted 
it for the time being. Maybe LO does the math.

As I ramble more...OpenOffice and LibreOffice leave giant white space on both 
sides of in-line math--completely unacceptable. And it seems impossible to 
understand the math syntax until one accidentally discovers that it is based on 
nroff or troff I'm not sure which because I don't care that much.


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