Anders Ekberg wrote:

>> I noticed when I had to paste some graphics with a lot of text that LyX 
>> (or
>> rather the libraries used by LyX) seem to reduce the resolution of the 
>> pasted
>> graphics (copied selection from Preview and pasted as a png-file in 
>> LyX). Anyone else experienced it, or could it be a setting somewhere in
>> my environment? If so, does anyone have an idea of how to solve it (save
>> the cropped file as a png in Preview of course works, but is several
>> additional steps).
>> All the best!
>> Anders
> The best you can do in these cases is save the graphic in svg format
> whenever posible. Otherwise you must edit your graphic on inkscape to add
> the text manually and then export it as svg. If you doesn´t go into
> vectorial graphics you will definetively lose resolution and then the text
> will look awful.

While I would always prefer svg over png if the source is a vector graphic, 
this does not help for bitmaps as the one Anders is trying to paste.

> Thanks Alex,
> I probably wasn't clear enough: The picture is scanned to pdf with 300 dpi
> resolution. When cropping and saving in Preview to a png with 300 dpi and
> then inserting this picture in LyX (with insert graphic) the output is
> fine (i.e. with a resolution of 300 dpi which is sufficient for my
> purposes). On the other hand when I copy in Preview and then paste in LyX,
> the resolution becomes low (I would guess about 150 dpi, which is
> incidentally the default resolution when saving png:s in Preview, so the
> problem well may be on the copying and not the pasting side).
> So, in short, my question is: Which resolution does LyX use to save
> graphics (on Mac) and is there a way to change it?

LyX does not scale the graphics. It uses whatever is on the clipboard, but 
maybe there is some scaling happening in qt. Did you try to paste the 
graphics in a different application, e.g. gimp? If that does not preserve 
the resolution the problem is with copying the graphics to the clipboard. 
Otherwise it is in LyX or qt, and one would need to debug.

> I also tried on Windows (copying from Acrobat Reader) and there the
> resolution was good, but the dimensions distorted (compressed in height).

Strange. Does the distortion come from different x/y scaling factors in LyX, 
or is it also visible in the created .png file?


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