Anders Ekberg wrote:

> Thanks Patrick
> I think you are on to the reason (see my previous post sent just as I got
> your reply). But I don't see how to save as a pdf. In the beta1 the only
> options are png and jpeg and both give 72 dpi resolutions (setting the
> suffix as pdf results in a file that Preview can't open, but that works
> with low res in LyX; probably a png).

Patricks finding looks very reasonable to me as well. If PDF is not offered 
for pasting this means that LyX dos not see any PDF on the clipboard. If you 
call LyX with

lyx -dbg action

in a terminal and look for "Found format" you should see whether it finds 
PDF or not. If that does not give any new insight you'd need to run LyX in a 
debugger. The place to look at would be GuiClipboard::hasGraphicsContents().


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