Hi all,

I configured reverse search as explained in section 5.6.3 of the "Additional features manual".

In particular, I setted
Preferences->File Handling->File formats
xdvi -editor "lyxeditor.sh %f %l"

and I created, as suggested, a lyxeditor.sh executable file in my $HOME/bin which contains

COMMAND="LYXCMD:revdvi:server-goto-file-row:$1 $2"
echo "$COMMAND" > "${LYXPIPE}".in || exit
read < "${LYXPIPE}".out || exit

Now, when I produce a dvi if I ctrl+click then every time I get in xdvi the following error message

Command "lyxeditor.sh /tmp/lyx_tmpdir.MT4824/lyx_tmpbuf2/test.tex 1534" exited 
with error code 2
$HOME/bin/lyxeditor.sh: 5: read: arg count

Nevertheless, I in the lyx source file I am correctly positioned in the intended line.

So, all in all it works, but getting allways the error message is a bit annoying...

Is there a fix to this? What is wrong in "lyxeditor.sh"?

Please note that if I comment out the last line, I don't get the error any longer and it still works: so is the last line necessary?

Thanks a lot


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