2014-05-07 17:38 GMT+02:00 Neal Becker:

> After arrow right, return.
> I can type some text.  Looks nice.  Oh, it's not nested in the frame.  Hit
> tab.

Well, you know that you only need to nest paragraphs of a different layout.
This is the case for _any_ LyX paragraph layout. So why would you want to
nest Frame layout into Frame layout? It does not need to be nested. What
needs to be nested is all content of other layout. Again: this is by no
means an exotism of beamer frame, this is how environments work in LyX.

Also, this is clearly documented in the Beamer manual to which I pointed
you several times, but you do not seem to be interested in reading it, so
here comes a quotation:

• Note that all frame content, if the style is not Frame, must be nested to
the frame environment (via Edit⇒Increase List Depth or Alt+Shift+Right)
• Nested content is marked by a red bar in the margin of the LyX workarea


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