On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 9:46 PM, Julio Rojas <jcredbe...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I feel your pain Richard, I really do. Unfortunately, I am in a phase of my
> academic life in which everything is on the "production" branch, so testing
> of Lyx RC's for my documents was a big no-no. Couldn't risk loosing time.
> So, sad as it seems, I only noticed these changes after Ubuntu asked me if I
> would like to update Lyx to 2.1. :(
You can still downgrade. (BUT do this only if you haven't already
saved your .lyx files with 2.1.) Go to
, select 'Superseeded packages', then manually download the 2.0.7
packages, and install them using 'gdebi'. Consider uninstalling 2.1.0


> BTW, now I understand what Jurgen meant by "no need" to indent the paragraph
> after a frame title for the text to remain within the "Frame". I thought
> that by saying it was a "Frame" environment, the text would not behave as a
> standard indented standard environment. My mistake. Nevertheless,
> indentation gives a clear idea that this text belongs to this "Frame".
> Anyways, as I continuously use "Theorems" (and derivatives), I usually found
> myself indenting these environments into a "Frame", so indenting standard
> text is kind of a natural extension for me.
> Thanks for the hard work dudes. I will go back to my never-ending stream of
> Beamer slides... ;)
> -------------------------------------------------
> Julio Rojas
> jcredbe...@gmail.com
> On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 3:13 PM, Richard Heck <rgh...@lyx.org> wrote:
>> On 05/08/2014 02:51 PM, Pavel Sanda wrote:
>>> Julio Rojas wrote:
>>>> Maybe for beginners it wouldn't be a bad idea. Alt-P Shift-Return is
>>>> faster
>>>> for experienced users, though.
>>> No, this was not intended for beginners. The need of individual separator
>>> makes the document
>>> more fragile and more cumbersome in 90% of cases.
>>> Fragile because it's easy to forget. Cumbersome because you need to
>>> insert new
>>> environment on places where information about new frame was enough.
>>> Changing
>>> some document into beamer used to be breeze for me - if you want it fast
>>> just go
>>> through document and turn sections into frames, delete some pargraphs and
>>> you are
>>> done. Now you have to insert mostly superficial separator and care about
>>> nesting. Doable but steals time.
>> No offense to anyone, but if I were Jurgen, I'd be thinking: These are all
>> great
>> suggestions, but how long was this in master? How long did people have to
>> test it after alpha1?
>> That said, it would be great if those of us who use Beamer extensively
>> could
>> come up with some concrete ideas about how the UI should work. Jurgen did
>> the hard work. This should just be tweaking, though perhaps the absolutely
>> best version involves something like a new layout tag. If so, then that is
>> also
>> doable.
>> Richard

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