A zip parallel plug would physically fit on a M100 thanks to the M100's
backwards* gender, so some confusion is understandable.

* I heard someone suggest that actually the M100 was probably technically
correct according to the standards of the time, and predated the PC, and
it's actually the IBM PC that came along, backwards, and essentially made
everyone else change. This perfectly believable to me. So when I say the
M100 is "backwards", it's only in the sense that it is the exception now,
not that it is wrong.

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> > Robert,
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> > Those early Zip drives were Parallel or SCSI, not serial. If your drive
> has a male DB25 cable then that would be the cable that connected to a
> printer port on a PC.
> The external Zip drives with SCSI interfaces also used a DB25 cable. The
> internal ones used a 50-pin ribbon cable header. I've never heard of a Zip
> drive with an RS-232 serial interface.
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