"in error" only if you consider the IBM PC and compatibles as the correct 

As Brian pointed out, back in the days when computer users were (by necessity) 
more technically competent than the majority of users today, most interface 
connectors on equipment were female, regardless of whether they were DTE, DCE, 
serial or parallel, or even disk drive connectors. Cables were male on both 
ends and you were expected to read the label on the port and/or know or check 
what went where.

As John points out, if you bent or broke a pin you only had to replace the 

The advantage of the IBM male serial connector is that it helps to prevent 
plugging a serial cable into a parallel port or vice versa, which our original 
poster wants to do with his ZIP drive; because of the substantially different 
voltages and polarities this can fatally damage the parallel port.


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  Depends on whether you consider the M100 to be "communications equipment" or 
"terminal equipment". From the perspective of "this is a device to be hooked up 
to your main PC" then female makes sense, somewhere. But I think the port is 
wired as terminal equipment, which then puts it (technically) in error.

  Oh well :)

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      * I heard someone suggest that actually the M100 was probably technically 
correct according to the standards of the time, and predated the PC, and it's 
actually the IBM PC that came along, backwards, and essentially made everyone 
else change. This perfectly believable to me. So when I say the M100 is 
"backwards", it's only in the sense that it is the exception now, not that it 
is wrong.

    Well, a female DB-25 certainly makes more sense on a laptop. Avoids problem 
of pins getting damaged and wrecking your laptop instead of the cable.

    Another great design moment or accident of history that makes most of our 
Model 100's still functional 34+ years later.

    -- John.

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