Printers is the one area where I have quite a bit of excess. I have three that 
I use. First is the wide carriage Citizen GSX-245 which was new in the box for 
$25. Quite a deal and I managed to pick up a bunch of ribbons for cheap! My old 
brother laser printer with a parallel port still gets a bit of use. But the 
printer I use the most is a Silver Reed 400 daisy wheel printer. Quite basic 
but the carbon ribbons are still available (though I have a stack of 10) and I 
managed to find 4 new replacement printwheels should I need them. It's slow and 
very loud but the output is nothing short of spectacular. 

All these go through a parallel switch that has a 64k buffer in it. I love the 
setup and use it regularly.


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> While attempting to write a decent 10-line BASIC game I became curious 
> about the printer emulation in Virtual T.  The next thing I know I'm 
> making fake dot-matrix printouts on my laser printer and I have to 
> admit I had more fun with it that was reasonable.  I even showed one 
> to my completely non-interested wife who was just happy that I was 
> entertained.

Heh, I went through the exact same thing and totally failed to impress my kids 
with my laser-printed fake dot matrix printouts that I was positively giddy 

> Anyway, I find myself considering picking up an actual dot matrix 
> printer to go with my T102 just for the fun of it. Any recommendations?
>  I'm also thinking of getting a CoCo at some point so I'd prefer one 
> with a serial interface.  I had an Epson RX-80 back in the day and I 
> don't want to hassle with a serial to parallel adapter again.  There 
> are a few DMP-130s on eBay that look okay but I'm wondering if anyone 
> has any experience.  Is it hard/expensive to find ribbons, etc?

I got a DMP-105 along with the T200 I bought last year, and although 
replacement ribbons are not available for sale anywhere that I've found, the 
ribbon that was in it did print nicely for one trip through the cartridge and 
then faded out.  Popping the cartridge open I found the sponge roller had 
plenty of ink in it but had quite a flat spot from pressing against the 
transfer roller for decades and wouldn't rotate past the flat spot.  The sponge 
was also deteriorating and coming apart on my hands and work surface...

I read some tips online for creating a replacement sponge roller but haven't 
got around to it yet... (I'd also need some appropriate ink to put in it, and I 
toyed with the idea of buying a different ribbon cartridge and modifying the 
sponge roller to fit mine)

The DMP-105 has both the usual parallel socket as well as a round DIN serial 
socket which might be just what you want for a CoCo, I'm guessing.  The ribbon 
problem might be a bit of a turn-off.  I've seen a few pass by on ebay for 
cheap, and there are three listed right now.


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