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> Thanks for that John
> Could I ask then, does that apply to the rest of the TRS-80 range of
> computers? I mean, aside from not taking advantage of the M100s graphics
> abilities, could code from books focusing on these systems still be
> perfectly fine to work on my M100?
I'd guess for the TRS-80 and Tandy computers the M100 and Color Computer /
MC-10 have the most similar BASICs.

Other than that I'll just say that BASIC programs always need to be ported
between different machines, but they vary in degree into the amount of

The biggest stumbling blocks of course being graphics, I/O differences,
memory, binary incompatibility (peeks, pokes, calls/execs).

Even between the M100 and NEC there is usually a fair amount of work.

One thing unique (as far as I know) to the Model 100 is its ON ____
commands. They allow you to trigger off different high level

-- John.

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