Hi All, hope someone can help. On my Mac Book Air I have no problem with loggin in when I turn on Mac. I have VO start speaking automatically and off I go putting in my details. Now on the Mac Book Pro things seem to be different and I do not know where to change the setting. If I close down when I start the Mac again there is no speech. I press command plus F5 and I have a very very slow voice. This guides me of a fashion and I get logged in. However, if I choose to shut down by going to Apple Menu and log out eleanor burke, then the Mac Book Pro starts up immediately with the type of login as I have on the Mac Book Air. Now why are both different? On the Air I just shut down and vo comes up talking when I turn the power button on. On the Pro the only way I have vo coming up talking is by log out eleanor burke but then the machine does not turn off but boots up again and vo is there. I want the Pro to simply shut down when I close and when I power on again I want vo coming up talking. I know I have been repetative here but I am trying to explain the situation.

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