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Trying to communicate between my iMac running 9.2.2
and a Compaq running WinXP (SP2). Both are connected to a Westell
router, iMac via cable and Compaq wirelessly (Netgear). Both can connect to
DSL fine. How can i get them to see each other?

You either need Thursby's DAVE on the Mac or Miramar's PC MacLAN (which has been bought by Computer Associates) on the PC.

Or you can install OSX on the Mac and not have to
muck about with 3rd party solutions to what Apple
and Microsoft refused to do for years. :P

In keeping with the list, how about RealPC or VPC.

If you have run BetaX on a imac or <500mhz ppc you wouldn't recommend it. People do and good luck to them.

What are the chances of using the version of dave found on Gambas site on 9.2.2?

Another option is the old FTP or hotline server (ect) on either machine. Firewalled to not serve to the web.

A nix box is good, either a G5 running osX or a PII (lower if need be) running a free nix and serving files to both, Samba for pc and Netatalk for mac.

You might also use your web space as a virtual hdd for swapping smaller files.

In a nutshell the classic OS and Windoze don't get along without some help, how much you give is up to you.

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