Thanks to all,

I did not realize how much harder it is to network OS9 than OSX with Windows. No doubt if i had money to burn i could use DAVE but can't justify $150 US for home use.

Can the new mini take older ADB peripherals? I still have a 6360 with a nice monitor and keyboard. Might be time for an upgrade.

M D wrote:
Darren wrote:

Gregg Eshelman wrote:

You either need Thursby's DAVE on the Mac or Miramar's
PC MacLAN (which has been bought by Computer
Associates) on the PC.

Or you can install OSX on the Mac and not have to
muck about with 3rd party solutions to what Apple
and Microsoft refused to do for years. :P

In keeping with the list, how about RealPC or VPC.

I was thinking along the same lines (Basilisk II on Win box)

A nix box is good, either a G5 running osX or a PII (lower if need be) running a free nix and serving files to both, Samba for pc and Netatalk for mac.

The best solution IMO, if the OP has room for another PC on his network.

Cheers, Mike

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