Hi Tim,

TQVM for your reply and your help.  So far I had no memory issue. Also I 
using 2gb swapfile.

I using RPi Stretch build from source 4.14. y-rt and RealtimePi OS.

Both behave the same when I minimise the window, the stepper speed 
immediate out of sync.
So I do not think is memory issue,

Under RealtimePi I can get the stepper motor back to origin after complete, 
still testing. 
But not under RPi Stretch (Tested LinuxCNC and Machinekit), even with 
6-8mm/min velocity.

Will try to with Jessie soon.

KL Chin

On Sunday, 12 August 2018 03:43:23 UTC+8, Timothy March wrote:
> I have a question for you are you using Jessie or Stretch? Stretch has a 
> memory leak with Axis GUI it will eventually use up all memory. I have post 
> in this thread on how to setup Jessie light check it out

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