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Sorry to have taken this off-list Sherm, it was an accident.

No worries. I figured you didn't want to talk about your blog before it was actually posted; some publishers have funny rules about stuff like that.

Can I reply
on the list or should we continue off-list?

Yes, of course. In fact, I've added the list back myself. :-)

Mostly I just want to say
I have an interest in your projects, specifically the Apache, mod_perl
and CB stuff since that is where I do my developing.

If you're interested in mod_perl, have a look at CatKit - it's a PAR bundle of Catalyst, its prerequisites, and a bunch of plugins. You'll also need the DBIKit (for DBD::* & DBIx::Class) and DevKit for Catalyst apps.

You could package a stripped-down httpd.conf file as a resource in an .app bundle, launch an instance of Apache on a high port, and distribute an entirely self-contained Catalyst app. Well, self- contained except for the database server at least, unless it uses DBD::SQLite. You could connect menu and other GUI items to the Catalyst app using LWP, you could use WebKit to connect to it, or both.

One potential drawback to building apps like this is that it helps reinforce the idea of Perl as a "web tool." In terms of advocating Perl as a GUI platform, that may not be a Good Thing (tm).

It'll certainly give FileMaker some competition though...


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On May 6, 2007, at 3:25 PM, Alex Robinson wrote:

I wish even more that Apple had picked you up and made CamelBones a
first class citizen.

Good news: That may still happen.

Good news indeed.

Before I go any further I ought to introduce myself since I am new to
the list. My name is Jeremiah Foster and I'm a perl hacker and OS X
softie - perfect for this list eh?  =)

Your name sounds familiar. Have we met?

So, why has Apple ignored CamelBones?

What all this means is, first-class scripting support is actually
language-neutral, and even though Leopard will be the first OS
version to include it, nothing about it will require Leopard. At the edges, specific support for RubyCocoa and PyObjC basically means that
their frameworks and project templates are included with Leopard.

Why did the OS X loving bit of the perl community sit by and let
PyObjC become the default bridge.

I blame the CamelBones management - i.e. myself.

Great to see such candor from a developer, it is commendable.

I blog and write a bit on O'Reilly's web site

Aha! MacDevCenter. That's where I've seen your name before. :-)

, maybe I can work
out a blog posting about CamelBones? Hopefully that would add
traffic/users/donations which would be a good thing. Let me know
if you are interested sherm.

Sure - that would be most excellent. Let me know if I can be of any

in other ways I would love to. Perhaps you can post a wish list to
this mailing list so that those who can hack, provide bandwidth,
etc. can contribute if that is useful to you.

One thing I plan to do soon is set up an "annotated" site with user
comments on each page, and a CMS system so I can distribute the work
of writing a Cocoa reference to as many volunteers as I can find.
That will be a big opportunity for anyone who wants to help out, but
doesn't have the skills and/or desire to dive "under the hood."

Why a CMS instead of an open Wiki? Because Apple has lawyers, and
they're not afraid to use them. An open Wiki would virtually
guarantee that someone would, sooner or later, copy-and-paste Apple's
copyrighted docs.

Also, because the docs site itself will serve as a "dog food"
example. The latest CamelBones includes PAR packages of Catalyst, its
prerequisites, and a fistful of plugins. I've been thinking of using
CB to build a set of GUI dev tools for Catalyst, using OSX's built-in
Apache & mod_perl.


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Web Hosting by West Virginians, for West Virginians: http://wv-www.net
Cocoa programming in Perl: http://camelbones.sourceforge.net

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