At 5:25 PM -0400 5/8/07, Sherm Pendley wrote:
there's a very widespread misconception that Perl is useful for system admins, web developers, and little else. One thing I find personally frustrating is the corollary, that Perl *programmers* must be admins or web devs. I find that frustrating because I'm not an admin, and while I don't mind web work, I don't want to focus on it exclusively.

So, what can be done to change that?...

I certainly don't know -- I'm a physician, not a professional programmer, but I have used many scripts, including scripts written in Perl, to increase my office productivity and to make throughput easier. I also use it in non-office matters as my tool of choice whenever graphic files are involved.

In general, I find Perl to be very useful when I'm dealing with data that is mostly in the form of strings, which happens for me in a number of circumstances.



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