Sherm et al.,

I know that a great deal of Bioinformatics people also use Perl ... and Macs! If some of the framework could be shown how it would be good for these people to use Camelbones, maybe that would help with takeup. I tend to just use the Tk library for all my UI stuff (or web browser) and don't worry about Cocoa at all. I agree that restricting Perl to use in sysadmin work, or CGI development, is unfortunate. I use if for everything ...

Good luck with the search for work! I'm happy to host downloads, etc. from any of my servers.

Best wishes, John.

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On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 08:25:49PM +0100, Alex Robinson wrote:

                                      Why did the OS X loving bit of
the perl community sit by and let PyObjC become the default bridge.

Because the vast majority of perl people who moved to OS X did so
because it was Unix That Worked On A Laptop and not because it was Mac.
Too many of us still sneer at anything non-Unix.

It's not just in Mac circles either - there's a very widespread misconception that Perl is useful for system admins, web developers, and little else. One thing I find personally frustrating is the corollary, that Perl *programmers* must be admins or web devs. I find that frustrating because I'm not an admin, and while I don't mind web work, I don't want to focus on it exclusively.

So, what can be done to change that? It's basically a PR/evangelism problem, which is well outside my area of expertise. Any suggestions?


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