I did also had problems with perl scripts after installing the security
patch. Strategy for fixing has been worked out and reported here:


As well as in Apple forum

This recipe worked for me so far.


Le 15/02/09 12:10, « Alan Fry » <a...@afco.demon.co.uk> a écrit :

> I have an Intel MacPro running Mac OS X 10.5.6 (Perl 5.8.8) and a copy
> of PDF::API2. This has worked flawlessly for a long time.
> Suddenly it has failed. There have been no changes at all to the
> machine apart from a recent 'Security Update', which I think had to do
> mostly with a loophole in Safari.
> This minimal script:
> my $pdf_in = PDF::API2->open($file_in) or die "$!\n";
> my $pdf_out = PDF::API2->new or die "$!\n";
> $page = $pdf_out->page;
> $page->mediabox(595, 842);
> $gfx = $page->gfx;
> #$xo = $pdf_out->importPageIntoForm($pdf_in, 1);
> #$gfx->formimage($xo, 0, 0, 1);
> fails with the error message:
> Undefined subroutine &Compress::Zlib::compress called at /Library/Perl/
> 5.8.8/PDF/API2/Content.pm line 103.
> However the folder 'Compress' is there, (alongside the folder
> 'PDF"which contains the module), the file 'Zlib' in that folder, and
> Zlib has a subroutine named 'compress'. So what can possibly have gone
> wrong here?
> If the last two lines above are uncommented, the error message becomes:
> Can't call method "infilt" on an undefined value at /Library/Perl/
> 5.8.8/PDF/API2/Util.pm line 667.
> presumably as a result of failure to access Zlib subroutines?
> I have run 'repair permissions' which has not altered the situation
> and run out of ideas of what to do next.
> I would be most grateful if anyone could help.
> Alan Fry

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