You probably also want to note...

On OS X El Capitan, running Swift from the command line can fail if
any Command Line Tools (OS X 10.11) package is installed on the
system. (28234754)

Workaround: Execute Swift through from the command line using xcrun, .
Choose the macOS SDK using the -sdk. For example, the following
command compiles the file main.swift:

xcrun -sdk macosx swiftc main.swift

also from the Known Command Line Tools issues.
ps Wonder what you have to do to get Apple to unlock your Apple
developer account from moderation. I am still flummoxed that they
locked my account for reposting something from the release notes.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:44 PM, Lawrence Velázquez <> wrote:
> Jack Howarth has noted on IRC that that Apple will not be releasing
> a Command Line Tools package for Xcode 8 on El Capitan [*].
>         There is no Command Line Tools (OS X 10.11) for Xcode
>         8 package. Xcode 8 contains SDKs that are incompatible
>         with earlier toolchains. Developers who want to make use
>         of the Xcode 8 SDKs from the command line must choose
>         the SDK with xcode-select. Developers on OS X El Capitan
>         who have installed versions of the Command Line Tools
>         (OS X 10.11) for Xcode 8 Beta should install Command
>         Line Tools (OS X 10.11) for Xcode 7.3.1. (28234439)
> Do we need to adjust our installation instructions to account for this?
> The consequences of mixing the Xcode 7 CLT with Xcode 8 are not clear to
> me; maybe it's not a problem at all.
> [*]: 
> vq
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