On 1 November 2016 at 19:23, Sean Farley wrote:
> Lawrence Velázquez writes:
>> You should set your repository's user.email to your MacPorts email address.
> Is this really necessary? I've seen mention of a mailmap but that hardly
> seems like a big enough reason to force us to change user.email.
> I'm pushing back on this, by the way, because I'd like to keep the fact
> that I have one email for all the projects I've contributed to and this
> is the first time there's been an email requirement.

Under subversion you had absolutely no other choice, but to login with
your usern...@macports.org, so all your commits had that email
recorded. Personally I would be in favour to keep that convention and
to commit to MacPorts with your MacPorts handle. But I also agree that
raising the question of whether this is absolutely necessary is
perfectly valid.

Switching to GitHub raised a few other issues. Many committers now
have two different usernames, one MacPorts handle and one GitHub
account. And most (if not all) maintainers will now be known under
some GitHub username. If someone submits a pull request for a
maintained port, the maintainer should probably be notified explicitly
with @username. The problem is that currently only Trac maintainers
have access to that mapping. (You can potentially get the username by
checking the commit logs on the GitHub website ... but that takes a
lot of extra effort.)

At some point (rather sooner than later) we'll have to start adding
GitHub usernames to Portfiles (we might have to extend the base to
properly support that). And quite honestly I would also be in favour
of asking committers to use the same MacPorts handle as their GitHub
account name (and only keep the old ones as aliases).

Those are completely different questions of course.

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