Hi Ryan,

On 02 Nov 2016, at 23:49 , Ryan Schmidt <ryandes...@macports.org> wrote:
> I'm confused about why you're confused or what you're talking about.


> We've always provided @macports.org email forwarding for committers. You tell 
> us what handle you want, we set it up to forward to whatever email address 
> you want. We had that for 10 years on macOS forge and we now moved that same 
> system to our new server. Is it not working for you for some reason?

What I mean is that I do receive the emails being sent to you via my macports
handle mk, but I can’t send emails through smtp.macports.org or something like
that. I’d like to be able to send emails as well, not just receive them. What
am I missing here - in case the requested is also possible since 10 years?

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