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Mojca was addressing the email and MacPorts handle issue in thread

        “[macports-ports] branch master updated: berkeleygw: Remove svn $Id$ 

which brings me to the point, that this in in fact a bit of an long standing 
annoyance for me.

On 01 Nov 2016, at 19:42 , Mojca Miklavec <mo...@macports.org> wrote:

> Many committers now have two different usernames, one MacPorts handle
> and one GitHub account.

I’d actually be happier if I had my - up to now - MacPorts handle (mk) also for 
the future… :)

But ok, I guess I’ll have to apply at ad...@macports.org for a new handle then, 
being m...@macports.org, right?

The only problem with all this is, that I then have to ask my good old friend 
Brad (pixilla) to create that user mkae on his mail server (which can handle 
address rewriting).

Yet, I’d appreciate if macports.org would have this email service included!

Well, as an alternative I could go through my own email provider, but they have 
special requirements for such address rewriting and I wonder whether at least 
those could be fulfilled by macports.org - in case it is absolutely impossible 
to get an email address at MacPorts’ IMAP server directly.

What can be done about this whole subject in the future?

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