On Tuesday September 20 2016 18:39:24 Ken Cunningham wrote:

Hi Ken,

>> That's a Qt bug you should report if 5.4.2 is still supposed to install and 
>> work on 10.7!
>Rene, I see I made an error there -- I just tried again to install 5.4.2 on 
>10.7 and it installed. I must have been slightly mixed up when I thought I had 
>tried that and it failed.

But does it work or does it lead to the same errors when starting any of the 
GUI applications that come with the libraries?

Sadly it may not be the end your troubles: the `const NSNotificationName 
NSPreferredScrollerStyleDidChangeNotification` message was added in 10.7.

But that doesn't mean you're out of options. On 10.6 you can still use code 
injection without any of the recent restrictions. That notification was added 
in a later OS version, so on 10.6 it will never be sent. "All" you'd thus need 
to accomplish is to preload a shared library that provides a definition for the 
symbol. Its actual value is a moot point because the symbol simply won't be 

So a library built from a simple sourcefile containing

const NSNotificationName NSPreferredScrollerStyleDidChangeNotification;

const void* returnAddressOfMissingSymbols(int i)
        void *retval;
        switch(i) {
                        retval = (void*) 
                        retval = NULL;
        return retval;

The function is there to force the linker not to optimise the global variable 
away, and is designed for easy addition of similar missing symbols.

I'll try to remember adding this to a pet project I once started: 

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