Thanks for posting your worries instead of just giving up.

I will leap here to assume you actually do want help to get this to work, and 
you're not just venting frustration.

You have to realize that with the kind of information you've volunteered so 
far, no-one on Earth is likely to be able to help you.

Please consider first of all searching for an existing ticket that explains 
your issue in the Macports tickets ( 
There likely is one.

If there is not a ticket that represents your issue, then open a ticket 
yourself. Be accurate about the name of the port. Upload the build log, 
mentioned in every error report. Let us have a look.

If you were to do those things, there is a very reasonable chance one of the 
dozens of kind-hearted souls who hang out around here will help you solve the 
issue, whatever it might be!



On 2016-10-17, at 5:19 PM, Bachsau wrote:

> Am 18.10.2016 um 01:19 schrieb Lawrence Velázquez:
>> Are you talking about webkit-gtk-2.0?
> I think so. Whats the alternative?
>> That port is not supported on recent systems, and it errors out with a 
> message saying so.
> No, it fails with "command execution failed"...
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